Die can wait: Fukunaga had to shoot a scene without knowing if it would stick to the story

“There are phrases Ralph Fiennes says in the trailer that neither Ralph nor I knew exactly what they were referring to”

We knew that the writing and filming of To die can wait, Daniel Craig’s latest James Bond, were complicated. But not at this point: in an interview with Esquire Middle East, director Cary Joji Fukunaga explains that he thought he would never start shooting a project again while it is still in writing (as with the Netflix series Maniac). No chance. ” With Bond, we were still writing after the end of the shoot. I even wrote in post-production! », He assures us. And when Daniel Craig broke his ankle, the production didn’t stop while waiting for the star to return. So we had to continue shooting despite everything, even if it meant shooting scenes without knowing how they would fit into the story… ” The only tray that was ready was M’s office at MI6. I knew more or less, given the draft script I had written, what was to happen there. But we only had the skeleton of a script. Luckily, I was with some of the greatest actors in the world. “He specifically evokes a scene with Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, and Rory Kinnear:” I wrote dialogues that were precise enough but still vague enough to be able to relate them to several things that take place in the third act. It was almost a “Book of which you are the hero” to write these pages: “If this happened here, you must go there” “.

Cary Fukunaga – Dying can wait: “We must beware of Bondian clichés” [interview]

Funkunaga remembers that at the time of editing “ that made sense, we do not know how. But I’m going to tell you a secret, now that we’re so close to release: there are phrases Ralph Fiennes said in the trailer that neither Ralph nor I knew exactly what they were referring to.. “

Daniel Craig: “Dying can wait is the right way to take leave” [interview]

To die can wait will be released in France on October 6. Trailer :

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