Disappearance of Gaspard Ulliel: French-speaking cinema pays tribute to him


The twice Caesarized actor died yesterday at the age of 37.

While French-speaking cinema is adorned with black to watch over one of its stars, the actor Gaspard ulliel, who died yesterday as a result of a skiing accident, many of his relatives and filmmaker friends wanted to pay tribute to him. The actor, whose career started in 2001 as a young peasant on the set of pact of wolves, will leave behind him a legacy of around twenty films making up a complex and thoughtful filmography, mixing comedy and drama, and making Gaspard, the young first, a real anchor of cinema, struck in the name of Ulliel.

Gaspard Ulliel died following a skiing accident

For his colleagues, those with whom he shared the screen, Gaspard Ulliel was a singular being, whose beauty did not stop at the physical but touched something more. A sort of metaphysics of the soul embodied by the actor. For Karin Viard, playing his mother in Kiss whoever you want, he was his “kid”.

His second on-screen mother, Nathalie Baye, who saw him return as the prodigal son in Just the end of the world, also wanted to greet her Louis. “He was handsome, he was gifted, he was tender, elegant, caring, he was a father…” she writes.

For Marion Cotillard, his fragile sister-in-law in the same film, he was a being of light and love, alongside whom the actress “so vibrated”. She describes it as “a wonder of a man.”

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Isabelle Huppert, Anaïs Demoustier, Léa Seydoux, Marina Foïs or even Alex Lutz also wanted to express their love for the actor and what he represented, evoking his talent and their memories of him in the columns of Release. Léa Seydoux, who had accompanied him in two of his great roles (Saint Laurent and Just the end of the world) speaks of him as a “national treasure (…). He was a very accessible actor, it may seem strange to say, and I don’t want to say anything bad about actors, but it’s not that common. He had a sweetness and constant consideration, he was open to the world, he was interested in people. He possessed this singular charm of combining beauty with talent and he had his own way of being there while always being a little elsewhere. This combination was irresistible.”

A metaphor spun by Isabelle Huppert, facing him at the cinema twice: “Gaspard had a mystery around him, but that didn’t consist in keeping him away from people, rather he urged us to deepen and nurture the relationship we had with him. He was absolutely wonderful, with a certain seriousness “, not often light. I didn’t know him well enough to know what was hidden behind, but this gravity gave him an understanding of situations.”

For Alex Lutz, which offered him one of his most offbeat roles in Revenge at Triple Gallop, the announcement of his death is a huge shock: “Talking about the job seems secondary to me today, so much does my stomach turn when I think of this beautiful person, this good man, this nice father, who still had before him a highway of great things to live and to We can therefore salute the talented, involved boy, who had put a tremendous heart into venturing with me into this humorous register which was certainly not the most familiar to him.

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And if history will remember Gaspard Ulliel for his interpretation of the tortured genius Saint Laurent, it is good with the sixth film of Xavier Dolan Just the end of the world that the actor will walk away with the Best Actor statuette at the Césars in 2016. His incarnation of the character of Louis, created by Jean-Luc Lagarce and brought to the screen by Dolan, will make the film a critical and commercial success as much the emotion brought by Ulliel is strong there. An emotion that the director, very touched by this disappearance, underlined in a tribute to the artist: “Your discreet laughter, your attentive eye. Your scar. Your talent. Your listening. Your whispers, your kindness. All the features of your person were in fact born of a sparkling sweetness. It was your whole being that transformed my life, a being that I loved deeply, and that I will always love.”

The artist has also been hailed by the teams of the many festivals he has attended and participated in. The first to pay homage to him is that of Alpe d’Huez, who paid tribute to Gaspard Ulliel, “the nicest guy”. the Cannes film festival also posted a message for the late actor, who was for his organizers “the French cinema of the future”.

And because after all, Gaspard Ulliel was also an icon, for Chanel as for the cinema of beautiful faces, we would like to share this discreet tribute from the photographer Matthew Zazzo, small sober sequence of Ulliel in black and white, a mischievous smile at the corner of the lips:

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