Disney + Day: Eric Judor is a hell of a dad in the Week-End family teaser

Eric Judor

This new French creation unveils Eric Judor surrounded by all the women in his life.

To celebrate its two years, the Disney + platform is organizing its anniversary today with Disney + Day. On this occasion, several new content were teased, including Family Weekend, the new French creation signed Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval (Teachers) and Sophie queen (Cigarettes and hot chocolate), and created by Baptiste Filleul.

In this series, in 8 x 30 ‘format, Eric Judor plays the main role of Fred, a father whose three daughters come to live with him every weekend. Each have a different mother, who remain present in the life of the character of Judor, even if he has since been with Emmanuelle, a Quebecer who is completing her thesis in child psychology.

At the casting, Judor is surrounded by Daphné Côté-Hallé, Annelise hesme, Jeanne Bournaud, Hafid F. Benamar or Anabel lopez. His three daughters will be played by Liona bordonaro, Midie Dreyfus and Roxane Barrazuol.

And if no release date has yet been announced, it is expected that the series will arrive on the platform in 2022.

Family Weekend is produced by the Elephant Company, which also took care of the production of the film Parents, instructions for use or the successful series Working Girls. Géraldine de Margerie and Nour Ben Salem wrote the first episodes, with Cécile Lugiez, Julie-Anna Grignon, Marion Carnel and Paul Madillo.

Family weekend: Eric Judor will be the star of the French Disney + series

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