Disney+ reveals where Moon Knight fits in the MCU timeline

Even if it sounds like a series a bit apart, it is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In substance as in form, Moon Knight is a separate series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like in the comics, Khonshu’s avatar is a loner who doesn’t interact much with people. avengers, which are largely absent from the new Disney+ series, barely mentioned. However, the adventures of Steven / Marc are part of the MCU and phase 4. But when?

Disney+ has just put together a playlist that lists all of the Marvel creations available on the service, to watch in chronological order. And we see that Moon Knight lands just after Hawkeye. Knowing that the action comedy worn by Jeremy Renner takes place during the Christmas holidays 2024, in the wake of the time jump introduced in Avengers: Infinity War (Thanos post-snap).

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This therefore means that Moon Knight is set in the year 2025, setting the story around the events of Loki and of Spider-Man: Far From Home. It remains to be seen if a familiar face from the MCU will make an appearance in one of the six episodes, to hang up concretely Moon Knight to the rest of the Marvel train cars.

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