Disney to spend $ 33 billion on content in 2022

Disney studios

A substantial increase compared to last year, to put the package on “‘direct-to-consumer”.

The ambition is displayed. The group The Walt Disney Co. will put the package on the creation of content next year, in particular to boost its streaming platform a little more Disney plus. Variety (which quotes an annual report) reveals that the big-eared company is planning a budget of 33 billion dollars to invest in diverse and varied content, during the fiscal year 2022 (which began on October 1 for tax purposes).

This represents a substantial increase of about $ 8 billion in company spending over fiscal 2021 (around $ 25 billion). Variety specifies that Disney’s intention is to expand its reach into streaming, through its Disney Plus, Hulu and also ESPN Plus platforms, rather than through its linear activities on television (the ABC channel) and movies. It must also be said that this $ 33 billion suitcase includes sports rights and other content acquired for ESPN.

Nevertheless, the specialized press on the other side of the Atlantic sees in this impressive sum a declared desire to Disney to make the “direct-to-consumer” model a priority in its strategy. Thus, it is estimated that the group Disney will produce some 60 programs, 30 comedy series, 25 drama series, 15 docu-series and limited series, 10 animated series, five TV films and numerous short films and specials throughout fiscal year 2022 to eventually feed Disney Plus, Hulu and other platforms.

The annual report also states that Disney plans to release approximately 50 titles for theatrical and streaming distribution (films and series) during the fiscal year.

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