District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp Returns With Demonic: Trailer

A film of anguish filmed in secret during the pandemic.

Waiting to see District 10, Following District 9, Neill Blomkamp will be releasing a new feature film. The South African director, to whom we also owe Chappie or Elysium, secretly made during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada a supernatural angst movie named Demonic and whose theatrical release (and simultaneous VOD) is scheduled for August 20 in the USA. No date yet in France but a few weeks after the first teaser, here is the trailer:

Demonic is about a young woman named Carly (played by Carly Pope) who visits her mother at a facility known as Therapol. A mother whom she knows little and we teach her that she has cracked and orchestrated a bloody massacre. Since then, she’s been locked in her own mind … It will be up to Carly to venture into a simulation designed on purpose to try to help the doctors figure out how her mother could have committed these terrible acts.

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