Do you absolutely have to see The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare, before season 2? (critical)

The Netflix animated film is not essential, but it enriches the universe of the series.

Almost two years have passed since The Witcher conquered Netflix subscribers. The most watched series on the platform is quietly preparing for the release of its second season and to keep fans waiting, here is today The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare, an animated film that tells us a little more about the world of The Witcher created by Andrzej Sapkowski in his novels. Attention spoilers!

It is in fact a pure and hard prequel, which takes us back to the 11th Century. We follow the genesis of Vesemir, the mentor of Geralt, central character of the saga and who has not yet been seen in the series. Vesemir will make his debut from the first episodes of season 2 of The Witcher And this Wolf’s nightmare is a good way to prepare the ground. We learn about his humble childhood, how he was taken in by the mighty Deglan, a Witch in search of wealth, at a time when monster hunters were desperate for a few coins … even to create new hybrid creatures to hunt down. , in order to fill the crates! Enough to provoke the ire of the witch Tetra Gilcrest, who organized the revolt of men, to the gates of Kaer Morhen …

It is said in the books that the fortress that houses the monster hunters was stormed during the second half of the 12th century. The Wolf’s Nightmare recounts this attack in detail. The film shows how this battle nearly caused the extinction of the Witers, leaving Vesemir alone in the world, the last Witcher on the Continent. It is therefore he who will train the next generation, the young recruits who have managed to escape the capture of Kaer Morhen. Among them was a young apprentice with a shaved head. A little boy who didn’t really want to be there: Geralt!

The Witcher: The Wolf's Nightmare

Sapkowski had said little about this battle in his literary work and the Netflix film Fills in the Blanks, while providing a better understanding of the place of the Witers on the Continent, a century later. It also helps lay the foundations for the future relationship between Geralt and Vesemir, which will be explored in depth in season 2, as well as the role of Kaer Morhen, sanctuary of the Witers, where the hunter played by Henry Cavill will lead Ciri …

The Wolf’s Nightmare is therefore a useful prequel, which reinforces the foundations of the mythology of Witcher. An “origin story” with a somewhat lazy narration, not helped by very lukewarm dialogues, but with effective animation (by the South Korean studio to which Netflix had already entrusted Voltron and more recently Dota), which bathes the genesis of Vesemir in a spectacular bloody atmosphere, reminiscent of the brilliant Castlevania. A successful adventure, to be reserved first and foremost for those who can no longer wait for season 2 of The witcher !

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