Doctor? – Michel Blanc: “It’s also a film about transmission”

Meeting with Michel Blanc, Hakim Jemili and the director Tristan Séguéla.

Update of December 11, 2021: Just two years after its theatrical release, Doctor? arrives in clear this Sunday on France 2. First advises you, and offers you to wait for an interview with his team, in particular Michel Blanc, who is currently at the cinema, showing Tuche 4.

Interview of December 12, 2019: Michel Blanc returns with relish to duet comedy, a genre in which he excelled a few years ago, both as an actor and a director (Walk in the shade, Evening dress, Fatigue…). This time it’s in front of the camera of Tristan Séguéla For the movie Doctor? (the question mark is important in the title). A good comedy, calibrated for the end of year celebrations, but smarter than it seems with its text on the uberization of our society.

During the Sarlat 2019 festival, we spoke with the ex of Splendide, his playing partner, the youtubeur Hakim Jemili (of which this is the first film) and the director who assured us that 100% of the film is true!

Michel Blanc: The 80s that changed everything

Here is the trailer for Doctor? :

Doctor? : The good health of Michel Blanc [Critique]

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