Doctor Strange 2: Early Reactions Applaud Sam Raimi’s Horror Style

Elizabeth Olsen’s performance is also hailed, but we understand that the new MCU film will not be unanimous.

It’s tomorrow that Doctor Strange 2 will be released in cinemas. The new Marvel should be a hit, especially since it is the direct sequel to the huge hit Spider-Man: No Way Home. But is it successful?

US critics have been the first to see the film in recent days and they have just posted their first reactions on the networks. At first glance, they are mixed. We understand from these feedbacks that the Multiverse of Madness disconcerted some, over a somewhat disjointed trippy story, which sometimes struggles to make the link with the rest of the MCU.

Nevertheless, all or almost salute the paw of Sam Raimi and applaud the very assumed horror style of the feature film. The director ofevil Dead obviously had plenty of room to express himself and give his Doctor Strange 2 a vibes creepy and creepy unique in the franchise. Incidentally, critics hail the performance ofElizabeth Olsen. Obviously, the Scarlet Witch of Wanda vision pulls out of the game and comes out like the big star of the film.

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