Does Soprano really like The Sopranos series? His answer !

Soprano To life and death

In the docu-series that has just been released on Disney +, we learn the origins of his stage name: “Luckily, when I started my career, there was the series that was a hit!”

To know everything about Sopranohis origins, his career, his friends, you have to discover the docu-series currently posted on Disney +, entitled To life, to death.

We discover for example where the stage name of Saïd M’Roumbaba, alias Soprano ! This little nickname, he was given at the time, at the Koranic school, in the northern districts of Marseille:

I sang in Muslim Gospels, in Madrassas. I had a higher pitched voice than the others, so I was always doing the lead. Initially, they called me that to make fun of me. But in fact, I kept the name“, confides to us the former leader of Psy 4 de la Rim, who specifies in the process: “Luckily, when I started my career, there was the series The Sopranos who was carding! But my name has nothing to do with the show in the first place.”

Why Soprano wanted to tell himself Life and Death, on Disney +

And for good reason, if Soprano is not a reference to Tony Soprano, the rapper quickly embraced his alter ego from the small screen: “I felt strong, a little mafia (laughs)”, having fun in Première Saïd M’Roumbaba, who immediately clarifies that he adores The Sopranos and claims to be downright “fan number 1” of the HBO series:

I have seen the whole series 8 times. I bought all the DVDs at the time. I drunk all my friends with this series. It even served as the concept for my first solo album, in which we go to a shrink. Because, as we see in the doc series, the music served as my shrink in a sense. She allowed me to see my life in the face”.

Soprano and The Sopranosa great love story!

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