Dog: a buddy movie with a dog directed by Channing Tatum [bande-annonce]

Magic Mike star reunites with Reid Carolin for this funny project.

“You are a demon. Simply a demon!” When a US Army soldier played by Channing tatum has to team up with a dog trained by an ex-colleague, not everything goes as planned. Because the Belgian Malinois in question is ready to attack at the slightest opportunity, attacking him directly or his Ford Bronco from 1984. These conditions are difficult to get to the funeral of his former master … Unless that do the long hours on the Pacific coast road ultimately help them tame? Here is the trailer for Dog :

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For his first film as a director, Channing Tatum therefore signs a buddy movie with a dog, which necessarily reminds us a little Turner & Hooch, but with the road trip aspect in addition, and an animal even more difficult to train than the one who teamed up with Tom Hanks in the 1989 film. Dog in collaboration with Reid Carolin, the screenwriter and producer of the two Magic mike, who also helped fund other Tatum films, such as Logan Lucky, 22 Jump Street and White House Down. The idea of Dog came to them over ten years ago, while they were collaborating on the drama Stop-Loss, by Kimberly Pearce, on the Iraq War. They then co-produced the documentary War Dog: A Soldier Best Friend, a documentary released in 2017 on the special relationship between soldiers engaged in special operations units during this conflict and their fighting dogs. Produced by MGM, Dog will be released on February 18 in the United States, but it does not yet have a French release date.

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