Don Juan: Virginie Efira once again dazzling [critique]

Serge Bozon revisits the myth of Don Juan by reversing the roles, in songs and by giving the keys to his irresistible duo of actors: Virginie Efira-Tahar Rahim.

Serge Bozon had never used to talk about love. So for a first, he chose an iconic story, Don Juan, but by capturing it in his unique and offbeat way: by reversing the roles. Bozon’s Don Juan is no longer the man who seduces all women, but a man obsessed with a single woman: the one who abandoned him and whom he now sees in all the others. This bias fortunately goes beyond a scholarly variation on the gender issue, surfing on a post #Metoo wave. Firstly because it questions with finesse this mystery of the moment when the loss of confidence is born in a couple apparently crazy about each other. And above all, because by making his characters two actors rehearsing Molière’s play, this mise en abyme allows us to talk in depth about the work and commitment of the actors. All to music and songs, a natural extension of the characters’ dialogues, silences and wounds. The result sometimes suffers from a cerebral nature that stifles emotion, but can count on its two interpreters to bring flesh and tears to its subject: Tahar Rahim who wonderfully expresses this man on the loose physically and Virginie Efira, fascinating in his way of constantly bringing the story back to something concrete, without losing any of the poetry and playfulness here at work. With at their side, a deeply moving Alain Chamfort as the father of a daughter with a disastrous destiny, once seduced by Don Juan. Its elegance and its exquisite awkwardness are not the least of the assets of this Don Juan.

By Serge Bozon. With Virginie Efira, Tahar Rahim, Alain Chamfort… Duration: 1h50. Released May 23, 2022

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