Don’t expect to see Ripley in the Alien series

But we are told of “big surprises” despite everything…

If the series Marvel and Star Wars multiply the cameos of superstars from the movies, this will not be the case in the future series Alien ! The most famous name in the franchise, Ellen Ripley, will be completely absent. So don’t wait for an appearance from Sigourney Weaver…

It is the boss of FX himself who says so in an interview with Deadline and who simply explains that this series Alien takes place towards the end of the 21st century on Earth. And although we are not far from the period of the first film which takes place in 2122, no character of the Eighth passenger cannot appear because “Alien takes place before Ripley”. Simply.

Artificial Intelligence will be at the heart of the new Alien series

“It’s the first story in the saga that will take place on Earth. So it’s happening on our planet. We’re at the end of this century, so in about 70 years…Ripley won’t be part of it or no other personAlien…apart from the Alien itself…”

The boss of the American channel still promises to “big surprises“, which, for once, could perfectly come from Prometheus Where Alien: Covenantthe prequels ofAlienwhich also take place at the end of the century.

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