Don’t heroes do that? Zack Snyder disagrees

The Justice League director posted on Twitter an explicit cartoon showing Batman pleasing Catwoman. And Val Kilmer is also tempted by the thing.

Start of the week, we learned that the governing bodies of DC Comics had prevented the writers of the animated series Harley Quinn from including a scene where Batman cunnilingus to Catwoman. As showrunner Justin Halpern explained to Veriety, “We were told: You can’t do this. You absolutely can’t do this. Superheroes don’t do things like that!”

Oral sex between Batman and Catwoman censored by DC in Harley Quinn

Disagree, the vast majority of internet fans replied, criticizing DC’s decision and detecting a healthy dose of patriarchal culture therein. Disagree, says Zack Snyder by posting on the Internet a drawing showing the Dark Knight performing the act censored by DC, with a single word in caption, “Canon”, indicating that for him, it is officially part of the legend of the superheroes …

Considering the number of retweets, likes and replies, Snyder has clearly just broken a piece of the internet. Better: this drawing seems to have been ordered on purpose by the director, and specialists are already on the spot to find out who signed it. After having succeeded in mobilizing his fanbase to push Warner to give the green light to his montage of Justice League -a first in Hollywood history- Snyder continues to champion the fans against DC.

But he is not alone in asking the question of the sexuality of superheroes: Val Kilmer, interpreter of Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever, posted on Twitter a gif from the film in which the shrink played by Nicole Kidman, very, very … uh, involved in the Joel Schumacher movie, bumps into the batman. “So is he doing it or not?” wonders Val. “We could give it a go. I’ll bring the wine …” indicates the gif. Find yourself a room!

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