Don’t Look Up: Timothée Chalamet originally wanted to look like Joe Exotic

Thimothée Chalamet - Don't Look Up
Niko Tavernise / Netflix

The actor absolutely wanted a mule similar to that of the “Tiger King”.

Starring in Adam McKay’s Cynical New Comedy Don’t Look Up – Cosmic Denial, broadcast on Netflix since December 24, Timothée Chalamet left aside his usual Frenchy step-kid look to become Yule, a very religious American kind of zonard. A character that he built by working in particular on his look, which was partly deciphered by Susan matheson, the costume designer of this Netflix production. This focused, in an interview for Vogue, on the mule that Yule sports, and which Matheson says was inspired by former zoo operator Joe Exotic.

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“The first thing he said to me was: ‘I want a mule’, and of course he sent me pictures of Joe Exotic “, tells the costume designer about Chalamet’s ideas for her character’s look. The actor had watched the series Tiger king, like virtually everyone at the start of the pandemic, which had inspired and influenced him. She continues: “Back then everyone was obsessed with Joe, but instead I found this guy from New Zealand who had an amazing mullet and the moment I showed it to Timothy he said: ‘Bingo!’. A cut and costume then tweaked to arrive at the character that appeared on screen in Don’t Look Up, with in particular very discreet reminders of religion, a sort of twist to the protagonist embodied by Chalamet. The costume designer recounts having hidden in each outfit of the character a T-shirt from the Christian colonies, and having created with a friend of her brother the logo of a fictitious Catholic rock group called Noah’s Flood (The Flood of Noah). A detail that can be found in the visual construction of the other protagonists of the story, played by Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Ariana Grande.

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Looks to find on Netflix in Don’t Look Up – Cosmic Denial available on Netflix, and whose hidden meaning was explained by Leo DiCaprio himself, presenting the feature film as “uno analogy about our inability to listen to scientific truth “.

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