Double dose of Sandrine Kiberlain, tonight on France 3

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Double dose of Sandrine Kiberlain, tonight on France 3
Memento / Top and Short

Pauline detective will be followed by Beauty and Beauty. First advise you.

France 3 will offer a special program this evening Sandrine Kiberlain. The actress of 9 months firm will first be in Pauline Detective, a comedy by Marc Fitoussi released in cinema in 2012, then in Beauty and the beautiful, by Sophie Filières (2018), where she gives the answer to her “double” Agathe Bonitzer. These two films had pleased the writing of First. Here are the details.

Pauline detective

Synopsis : Pauline, journalist, firmly believes in her professional and emotional success. Tackled the day before the summer holidays, her sister takes her to Italy. Instead of consoling herself, she takes it into her head to elucidate a crime committed in their hotel. At least she believes it.

Première’s opinion : From the opening, Marc Fitoussi’s film sets the tone: lively and cheerful rhythm, lively dialogues, Technicolor imitation photo and sparkling casting. Colorful and playful, this feel-good movie draws its inspiration from the detective novels of the Green Library like Caroline Quine and Enid Blyton (mentioned explicitly on the screen), as well as from the bloody tabloids (Sandrine Kiberlain, perfect, invents some touting Angelo Di Marco whenever her imagination tickles her). This assumed superficial side and these transparent references sometimes slow down the pace of the film, but they also give it a certain coherence and charm. Like at a murder party or a Cluedo session, we have a great time if we are ready to play the game.

Rebecca Marder: “With Sandrine Kiberlain, it was love at first sight”

Beauty and the beautiful

What is it about ? Margaux, 20, meet Margaux, 45: everything unites them, it turns out that they are one and the same person, at two different ages in their lives …

Our review: Margaux (Agathe Bonitzer), 20, meets Margaux (Sandrine Kiberlain), her quadra version of herself, who spends her time. spoiler the future episodes of his life with a disarming naturalness. Sophie Fillières has fun with this fantastic comedy pitch a la “Peggy Sue got married” mixed with Hong Sang Soo, in a first movement full of energy: as soon as we adhere to the anti-naturalist language of director, we quickly fall under the spell of this spatio-temporal ping pong both very concrete and zany, swift, fuel to playful syncopations and other comical setbacks through an alternating montage. Alas, this beautiful offbeat momentum runs out of steam, to then curl up in the more conventional dialectic of the comedy of remarriage and the love triangle. It’s still pleasant to watch and intelligently dialogued, but more purring in the staging: the games of correspondence and symmetry on the colors, which evolve as the two heroines merge or take their place, struggle to visually revitalize a story. blunt. There are still beautiful acts of actors (Poupaud, dapper as a playboy between two ages – literally, since he hesitates between the two “versions” of Margaux) and especially of actresses: facing the gracious Bonitzer, Kiberlain gives us a few hilarious burlesque projections. You have to see her “dancing” impassively at a youth party or putting away a bunch of frozen peas with a pickaxe.

Sandrine Kiberlain: “I need an audience to act out”

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