Dr Death treats Joshua Jackson (reviewer)

Joshua Jackson Dr Death


Elusive surgeon of death, the former beau of Dawson gives all its strength to this “true crime drama” which drags a little in length.

After its Lille premiere at the Séries Mania festival, Dr. Death officially arrives in France this Sunday, September 12, with the broadcast of the first episode on Starzplay.

Morbid fascination is in full swing. How could a graduate doctor, a good guy in every way, play butcher with his patients, without anyone noticing? This is the question that asks Dr. Death by telling the true story of Christopher Duntsch, surgeon specializing in the spine and sentenced in 2017 to life imprisonment for having mutilated a number of patients, without any establishment sounding the alarm.

A “true crime drama” a little long in its unfolding and the narration sometimes confused, but with formidable efficiency. First and foremost thanks to the magnetism of Joshua Jackson, a perfect charming sociopath, who chills your blood with flirtatious smiles. With his bewitching charisma, the former bad boy of Dawson captures the divine complex of the surgeon, the fragile ego of this Dr. Death, which the series tries to understand, without finding an excuse … even if it struggles, in the end, to establish a clear diagnosis on the personality of the executioner. Or to actually destroy the system that has allowed Duntsch to continue his deadly practices for years. Because it took the fierce struggle of two unbelieving colleagues, so that Dr. Death be stopped. And this is where the series shines fully. When Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin lead the investigation. Together, they form a complementary and cheerful duo, bringing a saving light to this dark affair. Yes, you will surely have a hard time going for a consultation after that …

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