Drive My Car, Les Olympiades, The Singing Club: new VOD releases from 03/04/2022 to watch on Première Max

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Drive My Car

Adapted from a short story by the great novelist Haruki Murakami is: “a dizzying summit of delicacy”we summed up in our review. “A magnificent work”, even “a master stroke”… All that ? The story of the relationship between a theater director and his female driver during a car trip is one of the great films of 2021. Period.

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The Olympiads

“Jacques’ energy is ageless and irradiates the whole set, every day of shooting”, told us the actress Noémie Merlant at the exit of Olympiads, the latest film by Jacques Audiard: the three-voice account of the romantic-sexual adventures of young people in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Shot in startling black and white, with music by Rone, The Olympiadsor “the filmmaker reinvents himself in a generational film” according to our review was presented at the last Cannes Film Festival and returned empty-handed from the Césars, despite the presence of the revelation Lucie Zhang.

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The Singing Club

Directed by Peter Cattaneo, whose glory is to have signed The Full Monty, The Singing Club follows a similar pattern: those left behind find their reason for being by forming a group in the face of adversity. Here, it’s soldiers’ wives who set up a choir and will experience unexpected success despite everything… thanks to the group spirit, and a little also thanks to Kristin Scott-Thomas who takes their lead. “The performance of the actresses (Kristin Scott Thomas in the lead) and the hard-hitting aspect of certain dialogues make this film a pleasant surprise”, we wrote at the time of its release. “And the opportunity to sing some pop hits from the 1980s!”

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