Dune: Benjamin Millepied choreographed the walk in the desert

The dancer adds Villeneuve’s film to his CV, after Black Swan in 2011.

Early fans of the universe of Dune know it: the Arrakis desert is full of dangers. Because if the wind and the sun are the first threats weighing on those who venture on the dunes of the desert planet, the sandworms represent the greatest danger. Hidden under the sand, they are attracted by the sound of footsteps of walkers on the sand. They arise when they hear a sound with a uniform rhythm. Walking without being spotted by sand worms therefore becomes an art, which must be mastered.

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Described in the book with “a step … slide … slide … a step … a step … wait … slide … a step …”, this strange step is developed by Benjamin Millepied, classical dancer and former director of the Paris Opera, at the request of Denis Villeneuve. “He’s a friend of mine, so I said to Benjamin, ‘I need someone to design a very simple way to walk in the desert so that it doesn’t trigger anything., says Villeneuve. It’s something we only get a little glimpse of in Part 1, but it’s a really nice design. It is a way of walking in the desert that will not create a rhythm, because if you walk with a certain rhythm, the worms are attracted to it. So we designed a walk that mimics the sand and the sound of the desert. It’s a great idea from Frank Herber, I wanted to make sure it was on screen. “ (via Entertainment Weekly).

Adopting Denis Villeneuve’s point of view, Timothée Chalamet (starring in the film in the lead role) says he had to learn the “dance” in advance, so that he can then teach it to his onscreen mother, played by Rebecca Ferguson. “It was a big challenge to take on (…) But it was an even bigger physical challenge on the day itself, to do it over and over again. I think it was important to capture the exhaustion of the characters in those times, when they climb those high ravines, or when they take a break and sit on top of that ridge. It was tiring. But it’s an amazing concept that Frank Herbert came up with, that of navigating the ridge. scariest environment with a figure of the type of Sea teeth 1000 power hidden below. “

Dune, showing since September 15, has already achieved more than 2,655,361 admissions in France. Directed by Denis Villeuneuve, it brings together Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac and Jason Momoa on screen.

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