Dune is a “gift for movie fans” according to Christopher Nolan

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Dune is a "gift for movie fans" according to Christopher Nolan
Warner Bros.

For his part, Denis Villeneuve loves Tenet.

“I was blown away by tenethas explained Denis Villeneuve last October, just before the American release of Dunes. I think it’s a masterpiece, an incredible cinematic success. It is also a very complex film. I had a lot of fun watching it, I saw it several times and with each viewing it was better. For me, the level of mastery of Christopher Nolan is unbeatable…”

A few days later, it was the turn of the director of The Dark Knight to return the courtesy to that of First contact. Invited by the Directors Cut Podcast to talk about their respective experiences, on the occasion of a screening of Dunes, Nolan was full of praise for this adaptation of Frank Herbert’s SF classic. We are republishing his remarks on the occasion of the first broadcast of the film on French television, this evening on Canal +.

“It’s one of the happiest marriages I’ve seen in my life between live action shooting and digital special effects, considers Nolan. It’s very engaging and successful. I think this movie will introduce a new generation of fans to Dune who haven’t read the books and who might want to now. I found it to be an extraordinary work. I had the chance to see it again a few times, and each time I watch it, I discover new things, details of this world. The way this movie was made meant it for the big screen. It’s a real pleasure to see, a gift for cinema fans all over the world. Thanks for that, Dennis.”

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Since this interview, the first part of Dunes marketed well enough in cinemas and on HBO Max for Warner Bros to quickly order the sequel from Denis Villeneuve. He is currently in the process of finalize your casting (Florence Pugh and Austin Butler will notably be in the game), and should begin filming this year to be able to release Dunes 2 on October 18, 2023 at the cinema.

The trailer of Dunes :

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