Dune: Josh Brolin finds it absurd that Denis Villeneuve is not nominated for the Oscar for best director

“I don’t understand how you can get 10 nominations, but not for the guy who did the impossible by adapting this book.”

This week, the Academy of Oscars has announced its nominations for the 2022 edition, which will be held on Sunday, March 27. Yes Power of the Dogby Jane Campion, favorite with 12 nominations, Dunesof Denis Villeneuve, follows closely with 10 mentions. However, the director does not appear in the category devoted to staging, which did not escape one of his actors, Josh Brolin. Posting a video on Twitter to congratulate the film crew, the actor explains that he found this absence “absurd”.

“Hey! I just wanted to congratulate the legendary studio Warner Bros, and everyone who was nominated for Dunes : for editing, photography, sound, music, writing… Almost for everything, in fact. And also to say that I was flabbergasted that Denis Villeneuve was not named among the best directors. I found that incredible, absurd. It was definitely one of those moments where you’re like, ‘Um…what?!’ I don’t understand how we can have 10 nominations, but not for the guy who did the impossible in adapting this book. It makes you realize that all this is unbelievable, then that it’s completely stupid. So congratulations to all these talented people who participated in this success and who were praised for it, because it is really stupid.”

Here is the video:

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