Dune part 2: it’s official, the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune will be released in 2023

See you in October 2023, spice and all!

After the successful launch of the film internationally ($ 225 million in revenue), it seemed already certain. A few days after the release of Dune in the United States, with a very nice score of 41 million dollars at the box office of the first weekend, the case is heard. Legendary Pictures, the production company behind the film (to whom we owe 300, the trilogy of Dark knight, Interstellar or Jurassic World), has just made the news official. On the one hand 2, the second part of the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s book signed Denis Villeneuve, will see the light of day.

This is just the beginning“Promises Legendary’s official Twitter account.”Thank you to those who have already had the Dune experience, and to those who will be doing so in the days and weeks to come. We are excited to continue the adventure!“It is not known when the shooting will be scheduled, but a release date of October 20, 2021 (in the United States) is already set. The announcement comes as a relief for fans who feared to be greatly frustrated as the Dune part 1 currently on screens clearly tells half a story.

Thanks to Denis Villeneuve, Dune enters the era of franchises [critique]

We repeat, the receipts already garnered by the film, especially in Europe for a month and in the United States for a few days, left room for optimism. A non-order (or a cancellation, as you wish) of the continuation of Dune would have sounded like a heresy, both artistic and financial. With a second film, and perhaps a third that would adapt The Messiah of Dune, Warner Bros. sets up a real franchise, likely to generate a lasting cult, with the promise of future sales of blu-ray box sets, collector’s editions, tv series, streaming and other derivative products. This promise should also have direct consequences for the box office of Dune part 1 by convincing the skeptics who hesitated to go see a possibly aborted story in the cinema.

This strong gesture comes after the recent departure of Christopher Nolan, who will release his next film at Universal, after a heated controversy over Warner’s “day and date” strategy of releasing its films simultaneously in theaters and streaming in 2021. Variety reveals moreover that the release exclusively in theaters of On the one hand 2 was a key point of negotiation for the officialization of this second film. Timothée Chalamet, who plays the hero of the film Paul Atréides, will of course be back. He also relayed the information on social networks. It will also be the occasion to see Zendaya, too stealthy in Dune part 1, longer on screen …

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