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Before the Oscars, Denis Villeneuve’s film team makes some revelations…

It’s pretty rare in Hollywood for a star to ask for more nude scenes. Yet this is what claimed Stellan Skarsgard at Denis Villeneuve on the set of Dunesreveals her makeup artist Donald Mowat to The Wrap. The 70-year-old Swedish actor had to spend several hours in the expert hands of make-up artists to slip into the skin of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, one of history’s great villains, who had to be visually impressive. He then had to shoot several nude sequences, immersed in a mud bath. “Stellan loved being naked as the Baron, recalls Mowat, whose team was nominated for the Best Makeup Oscar this year. We burst out laughing every time he asked for more nude scenes. He felt, and he was right, that the Baron looked more ominous and dangerous when he was without his clothes, rather than in robes or armour. So he was always asking for more nudity.”

Dune by Denis Villeneuve: the crazy transformation of Stellan Skarsgård

Chief makeup artist Dunes also returns more generally to the transformation of the character: “We needed five people for four hours to apply Stellan’s make-up. And here I am talking about when the Baron wears a suit. Naked, it took between six and a half and seven hours. That makes a big difference for a day of filming, but it was worth it. We had to add false cheeks, a bald head, cover his eyebrows… I always spot them, covered eyebrows in the films, so we really took care of that detail. Stellan also wore prosthetic hands, feet and hips.”

Dunes is nominated in ten categories at the 2022 Oscarsbut not for best director, which shocked Josh Brolin. At the casting of Denis Villeneuve’s SF film, he publicly reacted to underline this absurdity: “I don’t understand how you can get 10 nominations, but not for the guy who did the impossible by adapting this book.” Dunes having had a nice success at the box office, it will be entitled to a sequel, announced for October 20, 2023 by Warner Bros.

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