Dwayne Johnson makes fun of Vin Diesel, abandons Fast & Furious

fast diesel johnson

“I laughed and laughed a lot. I think everyone laughed at his comment …”

The quarrel between Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is clearly not behind them. Recently the star of the saga Fast and Furious tried to explain that the clash could have been born on the speaking set “love cow. Not like (Frederico) Fellini either, but I did what I had to do, as I do on all the productions I work on … “

Not only did his comment not ease tensions. But in addition, he had the gift of stinging the beast …

In a paper of The Hollywood Reporter sure Jungle Cruise, the next Disney film by Dwayne johnson, with also Emily Blunt, the star bodybuilder reacts without filter to the declarations of Vin Diesel :

“I laughed and I laughed a lot. I think everyone laughed at his comment … And I’ll leave it at that”, throw a Dwayne johnson scathing, which specifies in the process that, for him, Fast & Furious, It’s over : “I wish them well for the future. I wish them good luck on Fast 9. And I wish them good luck on Fast 10 and Fast 11 and the rest of the movies. Fast & Furious and that they will do that will be done without me. “

Fast & Furious 9, back in tin [critique]

That is clear. Cleaned from all political correctness. The Rock is really confused with Vin Diesel and to hear it, they are irreconcilable. Especially when Emily Blunt puts fuel on the fire. The star of Jungle Cruise intervenes in the discussion and reacts in turn ironically to the words of Vin Diesel : “Thank God he was there. Thank God. He carried you at arm’s length to survive this shoot …”

Felliniesque“, adds Johnson. More violent than a fight between Dom Toretto and Luke Hobbs …

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