Dying Agent Provocateur Phoebe Waller-Bridge Can Wait

Phoebe Waller-Bridge portrayed the neuroses of a 30-something in search of love in Fleabag, before exploding the codes of spy comedy with Killing Eve. His new mission? Bring a feminine look to the new Bond.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge walks on the water. Since the worldwide success of its series Fleabag (brilliant tragicomedy about a depressed thirty-something) and Killing Eve (espionage seen through the eyes of a psychopath and a female secret agent in love with her), the English actress and screenwriter smells of holiness from London to Hollywood. So much so that Daniel Craig himself got wind of his talent, and in April 2019 asked him to go back to the script of To die can wait. History to add a little joke, but especially to bring his expertise on the female characters, always very complex under his pen. It was never the strong point of the franchise Jump, but, in 2021, can 007 really avoid tackling – even in subtext – the thorny question of his relationship with women? ” Why did we hire Phoebe? Because she’s a fucking good screenwritersweeps Craig. Jhave seen Killing Eve and jI was blown away by its ability to make it both a thriller and a comedy. I said to myself : We need that voice. It would have been stupid to sdo without, and anyway we needed someoneone at that time to polish the script.

Still, the arrival of Waller-Bridge is an event in itself: in the entire history of the saga in cinema, she is only the second female screenwriter to tackle the Bond monument (at another time, Johanna Harwood had co -writing James Bond 007 vs. Dr No and Good Kisses from Russia). So why her? Chance has nothing to do with it, if we are to believe the director Cary Joji Fukunaga: “ What is remarkable about Phoebe is that she has a very clear vision of what it isa scene or a character must accomplish to advance the storyline. To sum it up for you, she is able to immediately evacuate what comes under the noise, and instantly understand what makes a situation or a character more interesting. It doesnthere is no master key sequence with her sinceshe knows how to transcend them to go in the direction of the film. “Craig and Fukunaga agree to sum it up in one word:” She is brilliant.

Dying can wait: gun barrel, action scene… The best of Daniel Craig’s Bond

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