Dying Can Wait Passes $ 600 Million Global Box Office Revenue

The last opus of the Bond saga with Daniel Craig is second at the French box office for its fourth week of release.

The release of the 25th opus of James bond will have known many twists and turns. Pushed back several times due to the pandemic, released while the distribution industry is in crisis … the success of To die can wait was not insured. However, the latest film by Daniel Craig in the skin of the British spy is a hit everywhere in the four corners of the planet and now exceeds the bar of 600 million dollars collected since its release in China. It is indeed thanks to the very good results of the Chinese opening weekend, during which the film grossed around $ 28.2 million at the box office, that To die can wait saved face after a tough start in the United States. Its Chinese distribution represented the third biggest launch for a Hollywood title in this territory this year.

Dying can wait: just the end of the Leap [critique]

While it started off lower than expected in most markets, Fukunaga’s film enjoys impressive longevity and remains attractive and profitable weeks after its release. Faced with other large competitive productions, such as Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Dune, To die can wait topped $ 300 million in its opening weekend in the US, adding to that the $ 116.4 million grossed in the UK market (making it the sixth-best film launch in UK history) United), 62 million in Germany, 26.1 million in France and 18.4 million in the Netherlands (making it the biggest film of all time in this territory).

Die Can Wait: Daniel Craig’s Best of James Bond

A success, certainly slowed down, but present, and which is obviously explained by the popularity of the James Bond saga and the cycle worn by Daniel Craig since Casino Royale. In France, this new opus, with Léa Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Ana de Armas and Rami Malek in the cast, signed Cary Fukunaga, has attracted nearly 2,734,764 spectators since its release on October 6. To die can wait is not ready to leave the dark rooms: especially when the doubt on who will take the sequel to Daniel Craig in the Bond universe still hangs over the franchise.

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