Dylan Robert, César for the best male hope in 2019, sentenced to 30 months in prison

Dylan Robert - Scheherazade
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The actor was revealed in Shéhérazade by Jean-Bernard Marlin in 2018.

Crowned Best Male Hope at the César 2019 for his role as Zachary in Scheherazade, the young actor dylan robert was sentenced on January 31, 2022 to 30 months in prison for the theft of two necklaces, in March and May 2021 (according to The world). Committed to pay bail, the two thefts were recognized by the 21-year-old actor who told the president of the Aix-en-Provence criminal court Marc Rivet: “Yes I’m stupid, I tell you between four eyes.

Dylan Robert: “It’s no longer delinquency that attracts me”

A news item that sadly echoes his role in the film by Jean-Bernard Marlin : his character was just released from prison as the film began. As a reminder, this role was his first in the cinema, and had launched his career. Presented in Cannes in 2018 at Critics’ Week, the film had great critical success, until the consecration for the actor at the Césars the following year.

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Originally from Marseille, and more precisely from the 3rd arrondissement (very poor), the actor had already experienced hazards with the justice system, having been cast while he was in a penitentiary for minors. Released, then imprisoned again in January 2020, he continued his career, however, going so far as to obtain authorization from the examining magistrate to go and shoot in Iceland with Jean Dujardin The Great Sailor, and signing contracts to become a fashion icon. Projects unfortunately jeopardized by the recent decision of the court of Aix-en-Provence.

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