Edgar Wright: ‘Hot Fuzz is not a parody of action movies’

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Hot Fuzz

“…It’s an action movie with humor.” Shade.

Double news on this Wednesday for Edgar Wright : while his last film, Last Night in Sohoreleased on DVD and Blu-ray, his action comedy Hot Fuzz will be back on TV tonight. Precisely on CStar at 9:05 p.m. First had interviewed the director in July 2007, at the time of its cinema release. Never stingy with anecdotes, Wright returned to the central episode of his famous “Cornetto Trilogy” led by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, initiated by Shaun of the Deadin 2004, and continued by The Last Pub Before the End of the Worldin 2013. Here is an excerpt from this interview originally published in n°365 (July 2007, with Robert de Niro on the cover).

Hot Fuzz is Bad Boys at tea time [critique]

Premiere: The film goes through the mill of American action blockbusters – Bad Boys 2 and point break in particular – but don’t stop at mere parody.
Edgar Wright: We don’t really like that word. Hot Fuzz is not a parody of action movies, it’s an action movie with humor. It’s more of a tribute to this cinema, a celebration. We did not choose Bad Boys 2 and point break by chance: they represent for us the quintessence of the American popcorn film.

Admit it: you realized Hot Fuzz to convince Jerry Bruckheimer to hire you on his next production.

No! [Rire.] But I sincerely hope that Jerry Bruckheimer and Joel Silver will see the film one day. Shane Black [scénariste de L’Arme Fatale] the view. It’s already huge. Otherwise, in my wildest dreams, I would like Clint Eastwood to watch Hot Fuzz. The problem is that he may hate it: there are probably more cuts in our film than in all his work!

Can you explain to us what the title means?
“Fuzz” is an English word for facial hair. One theory goes that in the 1930s the police were bearded or mustachioed and when they showed up somewhere people would start saying: “Here come the fuzz” [«voilà les moustachus»]. Today, “fuzz” therefore means cop. And to obey the logic of the two-word titles of late ’80s action movies like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon Where Dual TriggerWe choose Hot Fuzz.

Edgar Wright has ideas for Hot Fuzz 2

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