Edgar Wright wants to offer “his” James Bond to producers

A “milk chocolate 007”? You will understand …

While his new film Last Night In Soho hits theaters this week, shortly after the last James Bond, To die can wait, an episode that marks Daniel Craig’s farewell to the franchise, Edgar wright gave during the podcast Happy Sad Confused his vision of the spy saga. According to him, the films fall into two categories, the “dark chocolates” and “milk chocolates”. The first includes episodes with a darker character and intense storylines, while the second offers a more humorous approach to the character. “Daniel Craig, it’s a dark chocolate, thus considers Wright. Now we’re dying to have a Milk Chocolate Bond, that’s my theory. “

Last Night in Soho: how Quentin Tarantino inspired the name of the film

The director of Scott pilgrim, the Cornetto Trilogy and Baby Driver continues with his funny comparison, suggesting that if he were to make a James Bond, it would be lighter than the films shot with Daniel Craig since Casino Royale, in 2006 : “I think we wouldn’t gain anything by continuing in the same vein, and that it would be more interesting to try … You know, I have an idea for a Bond, and if the producers ask me, I can pitching them. So I’m not going to reveal it here, but when I see certain names of successors passing by, I don’t visualize them in the role, they make me think too much of a Daniel Craig bis. “

Here is the trailer for To die can wait, currently at the cinema:

On the set of Dying can wait: “It’s the end of an era”

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