El buen boss: Is Javier Bardem a perfect boss? [bande-annonce]

The big winner of the Goyas 2022 will be released in France.

After Escobar (2017), director Fernando Leon de Aranoa found Javier Bardem for his last film, El buen boss, a comedy about a provincial entrepreneur who gently loses control and control of his box. Result, a triumph at the Goyas, the Spanish Cesars, with six prizes including best film, best director and best actor for Bardem. A success that we will be able to discover in French cinemas from June 22nd.


A fired ex-employee who protests loudly and camps in front of the factory…

A foreman who endangers production because his wife is cheating on him…

An irresistible intern…

On the eve of receiving a prize supposed to honor his company, Juan Blanco, heir to the ancestral family factory of scales, must urgently save the box.

He tackles it, in his own way, paternalistic and authoritarian: as a good boss?

Trailer :

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