Elizabeth Olsen supports Scarlett Johansson: “I find her very strong”

Elizabeth Olsen WandaVision

The star’s complaint against Disney over the release of Black Widow to stream alongside the cinema is causing a stir in Hollywood.

We will have heard about it all summer: Scarlett johansson visibly upset the whole of Hollywood by deciding to file a complaint against the Disney studios, which produced Black widow, of which she plays the heroine Natasha Romanov, before deciding to release it in parallel to the cinema and to streaming on Disney Plus in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic. A choice that the actress finds unfair, because she had signed a contract stipulating that she would receive bonuses in the event of success on the big screen. The film ultimately won $ 370 million worldwide, including $ 180 million in the US, but if it had only been released to theaters as planned, that score would certainly have been higher.

Scarlett Johansson at war with Disney: she sues after the release of Black Widow on Disney +

Since then, the producers have reacted strongly, she defended herself, then she was privately backed by Emma Stone, who would also have studied in detail her contract with Disney before sign for Cruella 2, but also publicly by Elizabeth olsen, the interpreter of Scarlet Witch at Marvel. The actress, who has been successful thanks to the series WandaVision, explains in Vanity Fair : “I find her very strong. When I read that, I thought, ‘It’s okay Scarlett, go ahead!'” Also saying that he is worried about “the little films that are struggling to get out in the cinema”, she adds that she does not “absolutely does not find Scarlett’s behavior disturbing”, considering that she simply ensured that her contract was respected: “When we talk about actors and their salaries, everything is in the contract. It’s basically simple. Either it is specified in your contract, or it is not!”

Jason Sudeikis, who took part in the same interview, also supports Scarlett Johansson’s approach, which he finds “appropriate, bad ass and coherent. I just hope that we find a balance between going to the cinema and streaming, and that we continue to favor creativity and autonomy, that we do not lose sight of that. “

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