Elizabeth- Regard(s) singulier(s): an exciting documentary [critique]

The late Roger Michell tells the Queen of England in a playful documentary rich in unpublished archives. The most beautiful way to celebrate your jubilee!

A few weeks after the tasty The Duke bringing together Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren (still in theaters), a new posthumous work by the late Roger Michell (who died suddenly on September 22, aged only 65) is coming to the big screen. For Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, celebrating 70 years of her reign, the director of Love at first sight in Noting Hill undertakes to tell it in its moments of representation as in intimacy. And his documentary turns out to be a great success. By the quality of the images brought together, many of them unpublished and covering all periods of his life. By its ability to be short, barely 90 minutes, which obviously contributes very strongly to the abundant side of the thing. But above all by its construction which, fleeing the ease of a banal chronological story, opts for a playful thematic chaptering which makes it possible to mix the personal archives of the royal family and the way in which cinema, television, music and even the Olympic Games (the ceremony of those in London with a sketch featuring Daniel Craig / 007 facing the royal figure) took hold of this iconic figure of our contemporary history. We have seen and we will see even more in this anniversary week of reports, documents and documentaries on this mythical character but Elizabeth- Regard(s) singular(s) succeeds in distinguishing itself. A real tour de force.

By Roger Michelle. Duration: 1h29. Release June 2

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