Ellen Pompeo can’t get Grey’s Anatomy to stop

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“I’m trying to convince everyone that the show should end …”

His career, but also his life seem to be linked to Grey’s Anatomy. Ellen pompeo is the embodiment of the medical series and by claiming that it would end when the actress decides to stop, Shonda Rhimes has put a lot of pressure on her. Because we know that for quite a few years, Ellen pompeo considering hanging up the white coat, only held back in Seattle by a very high salary and the responsibility of putting hundreds of people (all those revolving around production) out of work …

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Suddenly, she rises, season after season, confessing this week: “I try to do everything to convince everyone that the series should end “, she told Insider, admitting that the business is not easy:

“I feel like the super naive girl who keeps wondering: What the hell are we going to tell? What story will we tell now? And everyone answers me: it doesn’t matter that Ellen! This series brings in billions of dollars … “

Ellen pompeo seems to understand, like many fans, that Grey’s Anatomy has largely had its day. And maybe the half-mast audiences of the medical drama will help him achieve his goal: finally move on! The 52-year-old actress has just invested in a company called Betr Remedies, which aims to provide affordable medicines to underprivileged communities …

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