Emilio Estevez fired from the Little Champions because of the COVID-19 vaccine

The actor is reportedly refusing to comply with Disney’s pandemic demands.

The Mighty Ducks without Coach Bombay … The Disney Plus series derived from Little Champions is faced with an unforeseen upheaval:

Emilio Estevez, star of the franchise, will not return in the role of the hockey coach, for season 2. According to Deadline, COVID-19 is believed to be the cause.

Disney would indeed have decided not to renew its contract after numerous exchanges between the two parties, related to the production requirements concerning the vaccination against the Coronavirus. Estevez, who is also an executive producer, would have refused to give assurances that he would comply with this request from Disney. So the studio decided to turn the Bombay page, outright.

Ice Cube is giving up a $ 9 million role because he doesn’t want to get the shot!

The scripts for the new season will therefore be adjusted to continue the story without the coach of the Mighty Ducks. Production is expected to start at the start of 2022 …

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