Emily Blunt – Jungle Cruise: “It’s Dwayne the girl in this movie”

Jungle Cruise

“I thought it was cool that it was Emily the ‘Indiana Jones’ of the duo,” replied Dwayne Johnson, amused.

Adventure comedy Jungle Cruise is one of the good surprises of this summer, in particular thanks to the chemistry between its two main actors: Emily blunt and Dwayne johnson. Two stars who also get along very well behind the scenes, judging by our interview with the duo in # 520 of First (July-August 2021, with Fast & Furious 9 In front page). Here is an exerpt.

Jungle cruise: Emily Blunt and The Rock, a duo from hell [critique]

After Pirates of the Caribbean, this is THE new film from a Disney attraction, does that put the pressure?

DJ: Hmm … (To Emily.) Do you want to answer first?

EB: No, go ahead, please. You’re better than me on the subject.

DJ: OK. (He takes a deep breath.) I think I speak on our behalf by saying that necessarily, it represents an opportunity to be part of a history which, at its level, has accompanied many families all over the world, in their leisure time, their good times, for several decades. If we go back to the origins, the attraction has existed since 1955 anyway! Bringing this adventure to life in the cinema, and, hopefully, building a bridge with those who lived and appreciated it, is a big challenge. The other challenge was the development of the film, which took some time. It was necessary to know how to adapt the thing correctly, by expanding it but without betraying the basic idea, to offer the best possible spectacle. The objective is obviously to satisfy Disney aficionados but also to transcend the initial attraction in order to please everyone else. who will discover it with the film.

EB: You really insured!

What attracted you about Frank and Lily, your characters respective?

EB: I was really drawn to …

DJ: (Points to himself.)

EB: I was really drawn to Dwayne Johnson, obviously. (Laughs.) I was seduced by Lily’s mentality, her state of mind, her thirst for discovery, her optimism… He is a positive character. Every day she rises with hope. She also made me laugh with her reckless and unruffled side. And then, she is ahead of her time … The action takes place in 1917, and we can not say that she is a conformist! She is quick-witted, she is tenacious, determined. Basically I think that’s what I liked: we are far from the “role of the girl in an adventure film”. Besides, it’s Dwayne the girl in this movie.

DJ: A big girl anyway. (Laughs.) This is one of the strengths of the script. Since the first drafts, it’s a scenario that I personally wrote; don’t be fooled by the credits. (Laughs.) I thought it was cool that it was Emily the “Indiana Jones” duo. By her side, you have this captain who doesn’t have the same point of view as her, for a lot of reasons. I really like what her character brings to the tone of the film, and what she represents as well.

Dwayne, deep down it had to be restful not to be the adventurer of the film?

EB: Be careful, I’m not his boss either, it’s still a pair, but yes, it’s true that he is less defined by that side.

DJ: I liked it for once. The fact that my character does not have the usual position one would expect. It is indeed relaxing not to be the one who drives the action all the time. In addition, he is someone who gargles a lot, who galvanizes the crowd, who promises to solve all the problems …

EB: Frank is very cynical after all.

DJ: Yes, we can even find it a little “Malicious”, in his way. He’s an opportunist, and you can’t trust him at all… Only things I’ve never played before. It was exciting for me. Stick it to a “Indiana Jones” which is its exact opposite, it is interesting, even more if it is played by a woman.

EB: We both hung on to the dynamics of the characters, they are the antithesis of each other. As soon as they meet you know it’s gonna be fun to watch and there will be a side African queen Where To the pursuit of the green diamond. It’s the kind of duo where each is really the opposite of the other, in their way of thinking, their opinions, their identity.

DJ: It was really special to me, not just for those reasons, but because I’ve been a huge fan of Emily for quite a while. But I wasn’t sure I would ever get the chance to work with her one day. Seriously: she started with monuments like Judi Dench when I was doing The Scorpion King

EB: It’s true, now that you say it, I was so much more famous than you!

DJ: I was just a shabby in comparison, I kept asking myself: ” How? ‘Or’ What could that happen? (Laughs.)

EB: Whereas I, when I was told about him, did not understand who he was. “You’re going to tour with Dwayne Johnson. “ Dave how? Who is that ?

DJ: “Dean Johnson? (Laughs.)
Interview by Yérim Sar

The full interview with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson can be read in full in our summer issue, available for sale at newsstands or by clicking here.

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The story of Jungle Cruise : Intrepid researcher, Dr Lily Houghton leaves London to explore the Amazon jungle in search of a miraculous cure. To go down the river, she hires Frank Wolff, a rogue captain as dubious as his old dilapidated boat. Determined to discover the centuries-old tree whose extraordinary healing powers could change the future of medicine, Lily embarks on an epic quest. The unlikely duo will therefore face countless dangers – not to mention supernatural forces – hidden under the lush splendor of the rainforest. As the secrets of the Lost Tree slowly come to light, the stakes turn out to be even higher for Lily and Frank. It is not only their fate that is at stake, but that of all humanity …

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