Emily in Paris: “Emily will not have completely become a Parisian in season 2”

Emily in Paris

Crossed this weekend at the 60th Monte-Carlo television festival, creator Darren Star tells us about the filming of the continuation of Emily’s adventures in France.

We have known for a few weeks: the shooting of season 2 ofEmily in Paris started. And Darren star confirms this to us, on the occasion of the 60th Monte-Carlo television festival, which will be held until June 22 (watch the video below): “We are shooting season 2 ofEmily in Paris in France since April. But my French is not improving for all that. Because no one ever speaks to me in English. This is the big deal! (laughs) I speak to them in French and they answer me in English … “

The creator of Beverly hills and other Sex and the City reveals to us on the other hand that the character played by Lily Collins (Emily), will, she, “a much better Frenchman in season 2. People did not understand that season 1 was the beginning of the film. The story of an American who arrives in France without knowing anything. We covered a period of Short enough time. She will spend a little more time in France during season 2, but it’s not a language that you learn so easily. It takes years of practice. Certainly at the end of season 5 , she will speak much better! “

However, “Emily will not have fully become a Parisian at the end of season 2”, insists Darren Star, who still wants to tell the peregrinations of a young girl of Uncle Sam, lost in a foreign land. “She will not be fluent in French. But she will try, make efforts, make mistakes too. It’s part of the adventure of all expats in any country I believe. “

Lily Collins is Emily in Paris

Beyond the language, the critics have often pointed the finger at the enormous clichés portrayed in season 1. What still surprises Darren star : “I have the feeling that the critics lacked a bit of a sense of humor compared to the first season. That was the point, to make fun of the clichés, whether it was French clichés and American clichés. at the same time, despite criticism, Emily in Paris was Netflix’s most popular series of 2020, which audiences have been talking about. And it’s the audience that interests me. “

The public will certainly be at the rendezvous of season 2 d‘Emily in Paris, filmed for a few weeks in the south of France, “towards Cap Ferrat and Saint-Tropez. It was wonderful“, specifies its creator, who has already planned in his watching list another Netflix series highlighting France:

“I can’t wait to have time to watch Lupine. It’s on my list. Besides, we kept bumping into them during the filming of Emily in Paris last year. We were filming. in the same places. I remember we were turning in front of the Café Marly and they were right next door also shooting … Maybe one day we will make a cossover between Lupine and Emily in Paris ! “

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