Emily in Paris, season 2: Gabriel, Alfie and his French, Lily Collins tells us everything

Emily in Paris season 2

“I really felt like a local this year!” The star of the Netflix series opens up to Premiere, as new episodes land online.

A year after having melted the Parisians, Emily Cooper is back in the Capital for season 2 ofEmily in Paris, online since today on Netflix. Lily collins is now at home in the City of Light and the English actress tells Première about her integration into Paris, her gradual mastery of the language of Molière, but also evokes the love dilemma that will shake her character this year: between Gabriel and Alfie, her heart balance !

Emily in Paris, season 2: where does Emily live in Paris in the Netflix series?

How did Emily’s Parisian experience in season 1 transform her, as we enter season 2?
Lily collins : This year we discover an Emily totally immersed in Parisian culture, in the city itself. She takes French lessons and we see her speaking more often speaking in French suddenly … and that was quite funny to play for me I must say. And then she was inspired by old icons of French cinema for her clothing choices, which was really neat. Like Brigitte Bardot for example or even Jane Birkin. We were inspired by a certain imagery of French fashion.

Is there a French actress that you particularly like?

Audrey Tautou … I know, it’s not very original … And Marion Cotillard, because she is so amazing. And I would also say New Wave star Jean Seberg, whom I watched a lot and even studied at one time …

Emily in Paris season 2

What was it like coming back to live in Paris for the shoot? Over time, will you feel a little more at home here? Have you adopted your habits?

Clearly, I really felt like a local this year. More than last year in any case. I know the city and the districts better. We were lucky to be able to come back to film despite the pandemic, even if inevitably, compared to season 1, the atmosphere was different with the health crisis. We weren’t really allowed to go out elsewhere, outside of the shoot. But honestly, what I prefer in Paris is strolling on the bridges along the Seine. Along the Canal Saint-Martin. To explore. Find little architectural gems that can be found around a corner. With my husband, we took our dogs out and we went on an adventure in the city …

Do you think, like creator Darren Star, that Emily will speak impeccable French by season 5?

Seriously? (laughs) Already, we have to do season 3 … In truth, I learned to speak French as a child, at school, but by dint of not practicing, I obviously lost. Mostly a certain self-confidence … But thanks to Emily, it’s starting to come back to me. I think things are getting better and better.

Emily in Paris season 2

Heart wise, Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) arrives in Emily’s life this year and that will change everything for her …

They meet while learning French. They compete with each other at the start. They annoy each other, argue. But at the same time, they flirt … He shows her a new way of seeing Paris, and he brings a form of pessimism that counterbalances his natural optimism. And then Alfie allows him to get out of the drama with Gabriel and Camille a bit, to move on. She needs it.

Exactly, how would you describe Emily and Gabriel’s relationship in season 2?

They have just spent this night together (in the finale of season 1), thinking that it would be the only and last time … And then finally, he stays in Paris! Which puts Emily in a very delicate situation compared to Camille. Especially since he now lives in her apartment building and works in this restaurant downstairs from her house. Everything is more complicated. Emily prefers to keep it simple and that’s why she just wants to stay friends with Gabriel in this season 2 …

Emily in Paris, season 2 in 10 episodes, to watch on Netflix since Wednesday, December 22, 2022.

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