Emily in Paris – season 2: the shooting drives Parisians crazy!

Emily in Paris - season 2: the shooting

“There is no compensation for residents who can no longer park, or leave or return freely to their homes”, indignant a resident of the 5th arrondissement.

The world comes back on the long filming of season 2 d‘Emily in Paris, the hit Netflix series worn by Lily Collins. The team has been filming scenes in the French capital since May 24, and notably found the Place de l’Estrapade, in the 5th arrondissement. A place that had already served as the setting for the first season, filmed during the summer of 2019, and which was not chosen by chance, as Jérôme Albertini, general manager of the program explains: “This place de l’Estrapade is quite cinematic in its architecture, everything lends itself to this glamorous and Parisian atmosphere.”

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During the first season, the Parisians of the area were delighted: such a shoot had made a great publicity in the district, and helped its traders, who receive compensation in the event of the temporary closure of their shop for the shots. However, this time, all the commotion due to the filming (inevitably more important, now that the first episodes have been seen by millions of viewers on the streaming platform), as well as the closure of streets and parking spaces that s ‘found there in normal times, irritate some residents. Not to mention the very strict policy of the security service regarding stolen photos and videos. A woman living in the neighborhood tells of having wanted to keep a memory of the shoot by taking a photo with her phone between two shots. “A guy rushed at me, demanded that I delete the photo and even took my phone to confirm the total deletion of this unfortunate shot.”, she says, also annoyed by the fact that“There is no compensation for the inhabitants who can no longer park, or leave or return freely to their homes.”

The newspaper explains, however, that the Netflix teams tried to limit the curious by posting a false name of the shoot on the posters announcing the shooting times and the blocking of certain streets: “Charade”, in reference to the cult film with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Lost sentence: dozens of fans closely follow the course of the shooting, which is difficult to hide, since the outdoor shots require a substantial technical team, trucks to transport the equipment (for example imposing light spots) and sometimes many extras …

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