Emily in Paris: Ukraine furious at a season 2 episode

Emily in Paris season 2

“The way you have treated the image of Ukrainians is an absolute scandal, a shame.”

Pointed out at the time of its first season for its stereotypes, Emily in Paris is once again under fire from critics … who no longer come from France or America, but from Ukraine!

Emily in Paris, season 2: Gabriel, Alfie and his French, Lily Collins tells us everything

In the fourth episode of season 2, Emily (Lily Collins) indeed meets Petra (Daria Panchenko), another student in her French class. Originally from Kiev, she steals frequently, not feeling the slightest remorse. She’s even jaded and otherwise displays a questionable sense of style, as opposed to the glamorous American heroine:

Oleksandr Tkachenko, Ukrainian Minister of Culture, was indignant at this representation and wrote an official letter of complaint, which he allegedly sent to Netflix:

In Emily in Paris, we have a caricature of the Ukrainian woman which is unacceptable. It’s insulting“he said (via BBC).

In the same vein, the Parisian designer Eugenié Havrylko wrote an Instagram post liked more than 77,000 times, which deplores:

“The way you treated the image of Ukrainians in the 4th episode of your second season is a low cost farce, an absolute scandal and a disgrace.”

In front of the outcry on the networks, some voices have nevertheless defended the Netflix series and its freedom of expression. Ukrainian producer Natalka Yakymovych tempered: “So in a TV series the negative characters can be anyone but not Ukrainians?”

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