Emily in Paris: what does the finale of season 2 mean before season 3? [exclu]

Emily in Paris season 2

Lily Collins reacts in Premiere to this last scene, on the bridge …

For a few hours now, season 2 ofEmily in Paris takes Netflix subscribers around the world. The romantic-Parisian tribulations are rich in twists and turns this year, until the last moments of the finale. Attention spoilers!

Indeed, episode 10 of this second season ends with a terrible cliffhanger: Sylvie offers Emily a new position, in a new agency that she is setting up. She therefore invites him to leave his American box, to settle in France for the long term. In the last moments, the fateful phone call falls. Emily calls Sylvie to tell her about her “decision…”

Emily in Paris, season 2: Gabriel, Alfie and his French, Lily Collins tells us everything

But which ? We don’t know, and Lily collins either: “I must admit that, even I, I do not yet know what she is going to answer on the phone …“she confides to Première. “I can’t wait to know! (Laughs) Either way, it’ll be a good choice for her …”

Above all, we understand well in this final that Emily is no longer an American passing through the capital. As Mindy makes clear, in the last few minutes she is no longer in fashion. “a year abroad”. She could now consider staying in France for the very long term:

“I don’t know if she is determined to stay in Paris for years …”, answers us Lily collins tempering. “It has been less than a year since she actually settled here. Not much time has passed. If she has good reason to stay, she will clearly take that into consideration …”

Emily in Paris season 2 final

That being said, the actress admits that there is certainly some truth to what Mindy is saying, “in the sense that Emily had first come to Paris for a very specific period of time. There was an announced end to his Parisian experience. But not anymore. Life doesn’t always go as planned and if Emily has been caught up in the daily grind, as Mindy suggests, now she needs to take off her blinders so as not to miss out on real opportunities. She will have to make big decisions for her future. Mindy encourages her to live her life to the fullest, not being afraid to go in a different direction than she had initially imagined … “

In other words, accept Sylvie’s offer to open a new chapter of her Parisian life in season 3 ofEmily in Paris ? We should see that in 2022 on Netflix, even if the platform has not yet officially renewed the show.

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