Emily VanCamp explains her departure from The Resident at the start of season 5

The Resident season 4

“A lot of times you hear about someone leaving a show, because something bad happened behind the scenes. But not there …”

One less white coat in the hospital The Resident. Marvel actress Emily VanCamp officially left the medical series this week, in Season 5, which just started in the US. Attention spoilers!

And it’s a definitive departure, since Nic Nevin is dead. She succumbed to her injuries after a car crash, leaving Conrad (Matt Czuchry) both a widower and a single father. A very dark moment in the history of The Resident, which comes from the fact thatEmily VanCamp wished to leave, following the birth of her first child, her daughter Iris (with her partner Josh Bowman).

“I spent so many years doing mainstream television, but suddenly my priorities changed.” To explained the actress to Deadline in the wake of his departure. “I think there comes a time in every woman’s life – in every person’s life for that matter – when it becomes less about work than family! And that’s what happened while I Was doing the show. By doing so many episodes in a different city and adding COVID to it, most of us haven’t been able to see our families for almost a year. It really reinforced that idea for me. that I want to be with my family …

Emily VanCamp had revealed in August that she was going to leave The Resident. And given her place in Conrad’s life, it was difficult to get her to leave other than with her feet first …

“It’s such a complicated time on a personal level. I enjoyed doing The Resident so much during the four years I was there. A lot of times you hear about someone leaving a show, because it’s “Something serious happened or some backstage fights. But not there. Exactly the opposite. There is only love and respect between us all and this decision was not easy for anyone.” But it was the right one for me, personally. I’m glad she was greeted with understanding and compassion. “

Nevertheless The Resident, which already has less than 3 million followers each week on Fox in the USA, will now have to survive without it.

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