Emma de Caunes: “I was even more moved on Nine guys than on Nine girls”

Nine guys by Emma de Caunes
Alessandro Clemenza-Studiocanal Original-Majie Films-Canal+

A year after Neuf meufs, Emma de Caunes celebrates male sensitivity in a mini-series and a 90-minute unit to see on MyCanal. Meet

The idea of ​​forming a diptych Nine chicks ! nine guys Was there from the start?

Emma of Caunes: No because Nine chicks was initially an idea for a feature film that I hadn’t managed to finance and of which I then modified certain stories to fit into the framework of the series, starting with the unity of location that was requested. In fact, it was during the filming of Nine chicks that I had the idea of nine guys. And Canal + gave me the green light fairly quickly

What guided you in writing it?

In Nine chicks, I had already paid particular attention to the male characters because I didn’t want to fall into the trap of the opposition between the sexes. I wanted to show them touching and fragile. It’s the same path that I took to nine guys. Imagine somewhat unexpected portraits, vulnerable characters. To show that often, in men, compared to women, the expression of feelings is more modest, more restrained. Because since #Metoo, the basic question of “what is it to be a man today? ” has evolved. That’s also what I wanted to say

Is it more difficult for you to write for men than for women?

Yes, because it doesn’t come quite as naturally to me, but fortunately, as always, I was able to count on Diasteme. And above all, I tried to use humor to convey messages as simple as accepting the other as he is. In his sexuality, in his relationship to romanticism, in his way of seeing existence. Corn nine guys also arises from the desire to work with the actors and to reveal some of them. For this, there is obviously a big casting job with Juliette Ménager and Nicolas Derouet, already present on Nine chicks. But I also trusted myself more, by hiring actors whom I had spotted myself at the Ecole du Jeu, a brilliant theater school, created and directed by Delphine Eliet with a method where work on the body and the voice is at the center of teaching.

How do you work with them?

Like on Nine chicks, I demanded to repeat. It’s even more essential when, like here, you only have two days of filming per story. You have to have solved as many questions and problems as possible before arriving on set. Otherwise we will not meet the deadlines or we will come out frustrated. That’s why I asked for and got one day of rehearsals per episode


What pleasure did you take in directing your father?

This segment was the hardest to write. We wonder why! (laughs) He plays a man who suffers from blank page syndrome when writing a speech for a loved one’s funeral. I associated him with Philippe Katerine because I wanted a Laurel and Hardy burlesque side, with this idea that he makes him practice high-intensity gymnastics. With Diasteme, we went through many stages to find the right idea and the right tone. And on set, I was very intimidated to direct it. Because no matter what we do, it’s still dad! And I imagine that for him too it was not easy. I wanted him to do as little as possible. May he never play on his malice, on everything that constitutes him intimately. Because with this character, I was in something very emotional. Through him, I wanted to talk about the passage of time… despite the body of a young man that he kept at 68 years old. It is undoubtedly, and not by chance, the episode which is the least easily given, where the stakes are not immediately defined and I made the bet that we would get into it thanks to my father and Philippe because we would like to see them together.

Did you have more fun on set for your second experience?

Exactly the same! I’m having a blast on a set and I’m very emotional. I even believe that I was even more moved on nine guys that on Nine chicks. I cried a lot. Suddenly, sometimes, I am deprived of a set and I am sent away, including because I laugh too much! But I totally live the shoot with my actors. That’s what I like the most about the whole process

Do you have things in mind for the future?

I am writing a project. Franco-British. I’m at the very beginning so I don’t know yet if it will be in the format of a film or a series. But I’m working on it.

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