Episode 5 of What If…? is the MCU’s first horror film

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Spider-Man to Zombieland in this completely assumed genre episode.

There is no blood squirting on the camera or guts dripping yet … But for the first time, the Marvel Universe has stepped into the world of horror. Inspired by comics Marvel zombies published since 2005, the animated series What If…? went into mode Walking dead, this week, with a very successful episode 5.

In this particular universe, Hank Pym went to save his wife Janet van Dyne in the Quantum Realm, but upon finding her finally, he discovers that she has been infected with a special virus that has transformed her into a zombie. When Hope brings her parents back to the normal world, they devour Scott Lang (Ant-Man) and spread the disease across the world, leaving almost no survivors. Even the Avengers have all been eaten up. Spider-Man (voiced by Hudson Thames and not Tom Holland) managed to pull through and shoot Columbus-style survival tutorials in Zombieland. With the help of Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Okoye (Danai Gurira, Michonne de TWD obviously), they team up in hopes of finding a cure, which could be found in a SHIELD camp in New Jersey. There, they find T’Challa and the late one Chadwick boseman, who makes another meaningful posthumous appearance here in the MCU, especially in this streak where he speaks openly about death:

As a vaccine, the band of saviors stumble upon a Psychopathic Vision, who has used the Spirit Stone to keep the zombies at bay … and also lure humans to him, which he uses to feed Wanda. Too powerful, the zombified Scarlet Witch cannot be saved. So he gives her survivors to work on to calm her down and keep her alive. A few months later WandaVision, their unhealthy love story continues in What if …?

Well aware of the madness of his gesture, Vision decides to sacrifice himself to allow Spider-Man and his troop to escape to Wakanda, where, with the Stone of the Spirit, they should be able to save the world. Except that another surprise awaits them there: Zombie Thanos! With his infinity gauntlet, army of walkers, and undead smile, he’s way creepier than I’s Thanos.nfinity War! The episode ends thus, on the image of the transformed Mad Titan. A huge cliffhanger, which might suggest that What if …? will come back to the zombies at one point or another …

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