Eric Judor in Week-end Family: “I needed time to adapt” [exclu]

Eric Judor in Family Weekend

The actor of H and Platane tells us that he had to reinvent himself to carry the new Disney + comedy: “I had no right to be mean!”

You’ve never seen it like this! Eric Judor completely changes register for Family weekend, the new comedy “feel good” which arrives this Wednesday on Disney + and in which he plays Fred, a rewarded father. A nice dad who struggles between his three daughters, his ex-wives and his new Canadian fiancée…

Eric Judor: “I’m a little more severe in person as a father”

A role of composition for the ex-partner of Ramzy, rather accustomed to the scathing and elusive humor of Plane tree : “It is clearly an imposed figure for me”reveals to us Eric Judor. “Naturally, when I want to make people laugh, I turn cynical. It’s absurd. It’s abstract. emotions… It’s a register that I’ve never shown. I tried to give things that I’m not used to giving.”

A somewhat strange experience for him, as he tells Première: “It was weird. I needed a real time to adapt, because I was losing all my comedy cues“. And for good reason, in Family weekend, no question of tackling, winnowing shamelessly or taking everything with irony. The family series is lived in the first degree and faced with this situation of comedy that he knows little, Eric Judor admits to being confused:

I had no right to be mean! I had to recreate something entirely. And for that, I simply went to tap into the way I behave with my own children. The way I’m funny in life with them. I was inspired by my own life as a father. I’m a lot more me on this show than anything I’ve done so far.”

However, the actor does not want to be defined now “like a Disney character!” Eric Judor hump parallel to Family weekend on a new Arte series. “And then I continue to write for Canal +… But I had to touch on that, to see how I exist inside of it…

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