Eric Judor recounts his meeting with his idol Larry David

Eric Judor and Larry David
Instagram Eric Judor / Canal + / HBO

A crossover between Curb Your Enthusiasm and Platane!

Absolute fan of Larry david, including the series Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry and his navel in VF) strongly inspired him to Plane tree, Eric Judor had the chance to meet the American comedian in a bar. He did not miss the opportunity to meet him, to tell him all the good he thought of him … but also to let him know that the promotion of his show was strongly inspired by an advertisement for Bold (a line of bald products). We see Judor’s skull filmed like a planet against a background of Thus spoke Zarathustra, the famous composition of Richard Strauss magnified by 2001: a space odyssey by Stanley Kubrick.

According to Eric Judor, Larry David would have apologized after watching the said clip, actually pumped by this HBO spot announcing season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. “I tell him no “, continues Judor, “he inspired me for Platane with his Curb series, it’s an honor to inspire him in turn. He replied that we were quits then. I am happy. But there are authors at HBO who are going to take a blast tonight in my opinion, because he was not happy happy. ”

The French actor’s Instagram post, however, does not say whether he took the opportunity to offer a collaboration to his idol.

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