Eva Green: “My mother tells me enough that I should stop playing crazy”

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Eva green
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Meeting with Eva Green, Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine.

This Sunday, M6 offers a special evening Tim burton and Eva green : the channel will broadcast, for the first time in the clear, Miss Peregrine and the special children, released in 2016 at the cinema, then Dark Shadows, the duo’s previous collaboration, on the big screen in 2012. To be patient, here is our interview with the actress, we met precisely for the release of Miss Peregrine. Since then, she has found the filmmaker for his live adaptation of Dumbo, but she will not be in his series on Wednesday Addams for Netflix.

Eva Green: “Tim Burton and I”

Interview of October 4, 2016: Brown, dark, crazy: the aura of Eva Green, featured in Miss Peregrine, is naturally Burtonian. Maybe even too much?

First: Eva, we are not surprised that Tim Burton has chosen you to play his first female alter ego …
Eva Green: His alter ego?

Miss Peregrine is a kind of godmother of weirdness. Which naturally seems to suit you and makes you an eminently Burtonian actress.
I have no idea what a Burtonian actress can look like. Finally Yes. From there to find that I correspond to this image … The eyes, perhaps. Tim often worked with actresses with big eyes that resembled his drawings of his youth. But for the rest, it doesn’t really match the target audience of the movies I’m playing in. I even forbade him to watch the series Penny Dreadful. (She interprets a medium in the London of the XIXe century, populated with a best of the most famous Gothic creatures.)

Why ?

But because he would die of fear! (To laugh.) It’s way too disturbing, too violent for him. Tim is very crazy, his films also have a macabre dimension, but he has more … fanciful, more colorful fantasies. When I turns Dark Shadows under his direction, I feel like I’m acting in a comedy.

Miss Peregrine: from book to film

The nuance may be there: you both have crazy universes, but you arrive in his when he has settled down. In other words, you are Burtonian, but …
too Burtonian for Tim Burton himself? (To laugh.) Possible. I can’t help but go to dense, disturbing characters, almost caricatures of femme fatales, as in Sin city 2 by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez or White bird by Gregg Araki. I must say that they come to get me for that too!

Why do you think? Your beginnings in France did not presage such an evolution.
I do not know, it is perhaps linked to the European exoticism which the Anglo-Saxons need to mark the strangeness of the characters. It took me to sulphurous roles, in universes disconnected from reality. While I would be open to playing girls just as sulphurous in more ordinary worlds.

Do you mean more naturalistic?

There you go, rougher. The dream would be to return to France to work with Audiard, for example. But no one thinks of me. It is as if I had become too sophisticated in the eyes of French cinema. Too sophisticated or too weird, if you will …

By taking the title role of Miss Peregrine … you are instead offering yourself a career like that of Helena Bonham Carter.
Ah! Explain me…

Before touring with Burton, she was the Marla Singer of Fight Club. At home, she quickly became a kind of kind mother witch.

So I risk losing the label “femme fatale” by touring with Tim? (To laugh.) Helena Bonham Carter still managed to retain her strangeness, so that doesn’t worry me more than that. And then, if I calm down a bit, why not? My mother keeps telling me that I should stop playing crazy.

Trailer :

Eva Green as femme fatale: “It’s a lot of fun to play”

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