Even dismissed by Disney, the creator of Daredevil is delighted with the return of the series

daredevil season 3

“Personally, I’m looking forward to the next chapter,” replies Steven DeKnight.

A year after leaving Netflix, Daredevil is currently preparing its return on Disney +. Matt Corman and Chris Ord (Covert Affairs) were hired to write the sequel. The original showrunners have been dismissed.

Steven DeKnight, the main boss of the Netflix series – originally developed by Drew Goddard – responds without bitterness on the networks. If season 4 of Daredevil there is, that’s a good thing, with or without him: “As a longtime fan of the character, I hope this new series is even better than what we did on Netflix.”he says before putting a little pressure on his successors: “God knows they’ll have a much, much larger budget than we had back then…”

Then he writes: “Personally, I look forward to the next chapter in the life of Daredevil and I wish the best to everyone involved!”

On his side, Erik Olsenwho was the showrunner of the third and final season and therefore the last to feature Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, also said to himself “delighted” to learn that the series will return:

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