Every episode of Stranger Things – Season 4 costs Netflix $30 million

Stranger Things Vecna

Either the most expensive series in history, pending The Lord of the Rings, from Amazon.

The Wall Street Journal takes stock of the situation of Netflix, which announced for the first time a significant drop in subscribers, and expects to lose more in the coming months. Explaining that the platform needs to invest in both “tentpoles”the successful series already well established with the public, only low-budget shows with original concepts, capable of making nice hits with audiences, the American newspaper specifies that each episode of season 4 of Stranger Things would have cost Netflix $ 30 million, while those of Squid Game have a budget ten times lower: around 3 million.

Netflix has lost 200,000 subscribers, the first in ten years

Figures that make this new season of Stranger Things the most expensive in history: so far, Wanda Vision held this record with its 25 million dollars per episode invested by Disney, followed by 20 million from HBO to finance those of Band of Brothers: Hell of the Pacific and 15 million The Mandalorianseries Star Wars Disney+ event. That said, these budgets will soon be greatly exceeded by Amazon Prime Video, which has announced that it has spent $500 million for produce the first season of rings of powerhis series in the world of Lord of the Rings. Or 50 million per episode, since it will have ten.

Remember that the fourth season of Stranger Things, eagerly awaited by fans of this SF story carried by teenagers in the 1980s, has been cut in two: its first part will arrive on the platform on May 27, and its sequel on July 1. The series should stop at the end of its season 5but nothing prevents Netflix from then shoot spin-offs

Here is its trailer, which notably teases a scary new creature:

Stranger Things: the Duffers present “Vecna”, the monster of season 4

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