Everyone standing up – Franck Dubosc: “My character is a big jerk, after all”


The comedian’s first achievement is a success. He tells us about it with Alexandra Lamy.

Early 2018, Franck Dubosc chaired the jury of the Alpe d’Huez Festival. He took the opportunity to present Everyone standing, his first production, in the company of his main actress, Alexandra Lamy.

If he certainly did not choose the easy way (making people laugh with the handicap), he certainly opted for a very personal subject, as he explains to us during this interview. His film mixes the most sensitive humor with the least refined, but this is totally assumed by its director and performer who analyzes his work with great hindsight.

Everyone Standing: Funny and Personal [Critique]

The story of Everyone standing : Jocelyn, a successful businessman, selfish and misogynist, tired of being himself, finds himself in spite of himself seducing a young and pretty woman by pretending to be disabled. Until the day she introduced him to her disabled sister …

Trailer :

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