Everyone standing up: Franck Dubosc signs a first funny and personal film [critique]

Franck Dubosc takes again his character of magnificent con and signs a pretty romantic comedy.

TF1 will broadcast on Sunday, for the first time in the clear, Everyone standing, by and with Franck Dubosc. First recommend it to you.

He’s the kind of jerk you come across frequently. A triumphant con, a show-off with neo-beauf trends. In Everyone standing, Franck Dubosc is Jocelyn, a successful businessman. An egoist also who has only one goal in life: to watch the girls and seduce them at any cost. His mother has just died and following a misunderstanding, for example, he starts flirting with his neighbor by pretending to be a disabled person in a wheelchair. Until the day when she introduces her to her sister, also disabled. No more laughing? For his first film as a director, Dubosc chose to stage his character of a macho and gently cheesy seducer. Normal after all: this is what gave him his best scores (from the loser of Incognito to the Patrick Chirac of the saga Camping) and the comedian really excels in the role of the incandescent fool, the ugly upstart who, like the valets of classic comedies, pulls the strings before being caught by his feelings. Sense of timing, sidelong glance and the head of a perfect victim… Dubosc sublimated this character of weak idiot who populated the Italian comedies, without filter between the brain (or the cock) and the word. Everyone standing therefore take this “Hero”, but never try to dress her beautiful. The actor has fun with him, shows his flaws and his ridicule.

Everyone standing up – Franck Dubosc: “My character is a big jerk, after all”

Right balance

And that’s without doubt what makes the strength of this first film: if Dubosc used this character for a long time, it was when he discovered that he was grotesque that he became really hilarious. There is no question of sparing him here: the actor finds the right balance, manages to overwhelm him without burdening him, and laughter is born from a sincerity which makes the whole really touching. Yes Everyone standing works it is therefore thanks to a certain accuracy and honesty. With regard to the character, the handicapped (never trampled, nor treated with pity) but also in the realization. Dubosc assumes this film to the end, even in its imperfections and clumsiness. The film is funny, rhythmic, even manages to change its tone with finesse (we go from trivial comedy to romantic comedy) but it’s also pleasant to see that the filmmaker leaves here and there a little heavy gags, a joke that falls flat, a badly screwed passage, preserved because a valve seems to save the whole … As if these slags were essential. Basically, what is nice about this whole story is that Franck Dubosc no longer seems to be afraid of the grotesque or of his mistakes. Did you say released?

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